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Change log: Shielded HTML Viewer

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  • Implemented the formattingModel to support the new formatting pane
    Updated to the Power BI Visuals API 5.2.0


  • Fixed issue with unlicensed background when exporting the visual when it is licensed with a Microsoft License


  • Added support for clip-path on SVG-elements.
    Removed minimal visual size
    Replaced TsLint with EsLint
    Updated libraries


  • Fixed issue with licensed visual showing “unlicensed” in the background when opening a page.


  • Added the usage of the Microsoft Licensing API
  • Added the font-tag to the allow list
  • Added png as image file for the Data-URI


  • Added unset for font-size and margin of unordered-list tag
  • Changed license behaviour


  • Added support for the NAV-tag to add navigation-menu’s to your report
  • Allowing to use SVG-tags and attributes
  • Supporting the IMG-tag only with the use of a Data URL (images only)
  • Added an option to view the rendered/sanitised HTML
  • Fixed an issue with using colours in your HTML-code


  • Added toggle to hide hover on items
  • Added option to copy the Rich Text to the clipboard


  • Added the ability to use measures in the data-bucket.
  • Added more new style properties to the allow-list, check the KB to see which style properties are added.

v. 1.3.0

  • Changed the behaviour of the license messaging,
  • Unsetting the Power BI css-setting for the <li>-tag to allow css-defaults
  • Added new style properties to the allow-list to allow flexbox-layout

v. 1.2.1

  • Updated “powerbi-visuals-api” to 3.2.0
  • Added style properties to the allow-list to prevent using malicious code into these properties

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